H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation



The H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation scholarship program includes two levels of awards: National and Regional. National Scholarships usually range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are paid on a semester basis. Regional Scholarships are one-time awards, typically for $500. Students may apply for a Regional Scholarship each year during their college career. Scholarship amounts are based on the Foundation’s fundraising results during the prior year.

National Scholarships are funded through our national fundraising initiatives including the Founder’s Gala and proceeds from merchandise such as the Worlds DVD. Regional Scholarships are funded through the fundraising efforts of our school owners such as Board Break-a-Thons (BBAT), tournaments and other events. Seventy-five percent of all funds raised through these types of events are reserved for students in that region. Our Foundation staff work closely with the school owners who raise the funds to determine how the funds are awarded.