ATA Hurricane Relief Donation

Dear ATA Family,

ATA International and the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation will be accepting donations to help aid relief for ATA communities in Florida and Texas in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. Join us at Fall Nationals in Orlando, Oct. 19-21 and donate at registration or at the WMA booth.

I hope you will join me in giving back to those who are in need in the wake of the recent disasters and tragedy in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. If you cannot give a monetary donation, remember you can give back in other ways to your community to show “Respect For the World.”

“To show respect for the world, we must be great leaders. To be a great leader, we must take action now. Do something- anything you choose- to show respect for the world.”
– ATA Leadership: Respect

Our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with those in the time of need.


Always Take Action,


Grand Master In Ho Lee