2018 National Scholarship Winners

The H.U. Lee Foundation Announces the 2018 National Scholarship Winners

It is with great pride and excitement that the H.U. Lee Foundation announces the 2018 National Scholarship Winners:

Stephanie Patullo

Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee Scholarship
Hillsborough, NJ

Georgia Schafer

Grand Master Emeritus Soon Ho Lee Scholarship
Apollo, PA

Oliver Stepan

Grand Master In Ho Lee Scholarship
Suwannee, GA

Maya Plotnick

Grand Master Robert Allemier Scholarship
Chicago, IL

Aishwarya Joshi

Grand Master Bill Clark Scholarship
West Chester, PA

Natalie Paxton

Grand Master G. K. Lee Scholarship
Encinitas, CA

Karan Mahesh

Grand Master M.K. Lee Scholarship   
Hillsborough, NJ

Daniela Pahari

Cheif Master Robert Jager Scholarship
Fort Worth, TX

Celine Fawaz

Cheif Master Michael Caruso Scholarship
Brentwood, TN

Maria Gonzalez

Chief Master Cesar Ozuna  Scholarship
Orlando, FL

Among the 50 candidates who met the high academic eligibility requirements for the National Scholarship, these students received the highest scores from the application review committee. Join us in congratulating each of them on such an outstanding achievement!